Customer Growth Scenario Set

Real time insights for Retail and Wholesale

Customer and Growth Analytics solution helps to improve your Sales and Marketing with:

Actionable insights into customers, both current and potential.

Over 20 analytics scenarios to choose.

A wide set of business ready scenarios to cover the operational and strategic needs of different interest groups.

Company can find answers to following questions and much more:

Track customer behavior in real time: by which item characteristics the items are typically bought and which will be about to finish soon in the stock. Show this information conveniently on a dynamic plot and integrate actions into ordering system so that automatic notifications will be sent to the decision makers.

Visualize transactions as a time series and find whether there is a linear or seasonal trend. Detect buying habits in different working hours, days of week and whether it is a national holiday at the customer’s location. Make predictions about future sales based on this information.

Segment the clients based on gender and age. Target the offers to the relevant segments. Use different advertisement channels, language style and structure for different groups. You can even experiment with one or another advertisement style randomly to figure out which one works best for a specific segment. The preferred advertisement channel can be asked in the customer feedback form.

Predict sales based on weather forecast, including several factors such as temperature, wind speed, rain fall, and humidity. Alert when the current sales is exceptionally high or low.

Analyze performance and promotional effectiveness of campaigns. Use this information when planning new campaigns.

Get a closer look to DIGIVIKINGS  solution for advanced analytics,
ready to use models to get meaningful insights over your data.


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