Data Intelligence Ready to Use Analytics Solutions

Companies own data from different data sources, often unrealizing that they don’t use full potential of it or even if they have interest toward data analytics. DIGIVIKINGS has generated ready to use analytics models, which will give quick starting platform for companies to become more data aware and start to consume the meaningful data insights.

Our team will help you through the whole advanced analytics lifecycle from defining the strategic questions, finding the right sources of internal and external datasets to interpreting and visualizing the results in an understandable way through dashboards, alerts, reports etc., and presenting the outcome on whatever device the companies are using or are ready to use.

DIGIVIKINGS advanced analytics solution contains of wide set of ready to use advanced analytics models defined as industry based scenarios;

DIGIVIKINGS can set-up industry specific scenarios so it will help your company to benefit from data which comes from different data sources ( internal , external) and is structured or unstructured.

DIGIVIKINGS offers business ready storyboards for companies who would like to use consumable content, meaningful insights and make data driven decisions with minimal effort without big fuss to set up different analytics models

Our Solutions

Special Offer Engine

Personalized Offers
For Better Customer Experience

Customer Growth Scenario Set

Real Time Insights For Retail And Wholesale For Different Management And Operational Levels To Improve Your Sales & Marketing

Manufacturing Scenario Set

Improve Your Production Activities With Actionable Insights Into Processes And Logistics


The solution will work whatever data sources client is using if data sources are mapped with scenario models. The usability of the solution will also be influenced by data quality.

Power BI “Customer & Growth” solution comes seamless integration with MBS Dynamics AX 2012 solution data fields, which makes the set up easy for AX 2012 clients. Can be adapted to other AX versions..

Possibility for ISV providers to use models as a part of their (Microsoft Power BI) embedded solutions.

Scenario models can be transferred to work with other visualization tools.

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